2015 Chamber Board Member Nominations

yvcThe Clearwater Chamber of Commerce Board is made up of a group of 9 volunteers throughout the community. These 9 volunteers consist of a President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Communications, and the rest are very key board members. These board members will meet on the first Thursday of every month at noon at the Clearwater City Hall for their meeting. Each year election is held for people who are leaving the board that year. Each person is asked to serve for 2 years. This year we have 4 spots coming available. That is 4 volunteers that we need from the community. If you might be interested or know someone who is, please leave a comment and that comment will be kept anonymous, or you may send an email to chamber@sktc.net or call 620-584-3366 and leave a message. The voting will take place on the Annual Lunch in December.

For any questions regarding 2015 elections, please contact the Chamber at 620-584-3366 or by email chamber@sktc.net