Clearwater Chamber makes the paper!

1011740_541591805926642_202589849_nChamber Unveils a new website

By Michael Buhler

Kay Sands has felt for awhile that the Clearwater Chamber of Commerce was in need of a new website. Sands, the president of the Chamber, saw that come to pass last week when the new website was unveiled. The new website can be found at and was designed by Taylor Hunt of Rocketlab.

“He did an outstanding job for us,” Sands said “I actually was introduced to him by Pam Riggs, a chamber member from the Senior Center. “We have not had a good interactive web page since I arrived here approximately 5 years ago. Its been frustrating, it was not user friendly and it was not easy to upkeep. Pam got in touch with Taylor earlier this year and he was so easy to work with.”

The new website is a complete overhaul of the previous site, even featuring a new logo for the Chamber. “Our calendar is linked to the community calendar so people can see what is going on there and with other things in the community,” Sands said, “All of that information is linked in there together. People now can get membership information on the website. These are things we should have had on the website years ago.”

Sands believes the new website will not only benefit the Chamber, but it also will be good for the town itself. “First of all its going to help the Chamber, because the Chamber was in the stone age with the old website,” Sands said, “People would come to the website and be frustrated because there was nothing usable. I think its going to help Clearwater because when people from our town click on the Clearwater Chamber website, they can see activities that are here, real estate that is here and updated of activities.”