Focus On The Future Meeting Notes 9/30/2013

Thanks to Kris Misak for taking us through a fun and interactive process during our 9/30/13 session to come up with some plans for moving forward with the Focus on the Future efforts.   Kris’ facilitated an idea exchange based around the card game “21”.    None of our suggestions ended up with 21 and there was a three way tie for the top three suggestions at “12”.   Maybe we missed an absolute winner of an idea (21), but we had some good ideas and ensuing discussion around the ideas presented.  The suggestions are ranked in the order of their scoring that night.

The Question

As we take Clearwater into the future, what thing(s) must continue to happen or need to be orchestrated so we remain an attractive place to live, learn, work and play?

  • Encourage young people into leadership roles   (Top 3)
  • More places to work; Walkable (more connections for pedestrians)   (Top 3) (2 ideas on same card)
  • Continue to improve downtown appearance (buildings occupied or windows used & dressed up); Murals, paint wooden benches & someday the pretty historical lights  (Top 3)
  • Community has to get behind city government and decide on priorities and list them and plan a schedule
  • Bring new businesses downtown and promote downtown especially to those who live in town & don’t know there is a downtown; Family entertainment (roller skating, bowling, movies)
  • We need to have a plan for people outside of committee’s in order to keep things rolling – maybe a project with an end result
  • More community activities to get people involved
  • Park needs to be fixed up so kids can play there safely and comfortably; Would like to see a new walking path through the park
  • Need to be more neighbor friendly; Use city-wide small businesses to their utmost
  • A forward-looking City Administrator and Council that makes sure homes & City lots do not become trashy; City continue to look clean
  • Businesses must be funded (Start-ups?)




Top 3 Suggestions Brainstorming Session

Encourage young people into leadership roles

Ask – have a specific process to ask persons to consider stepping up

Sponsor/encourage/mentor PowerUps – offer babysitting so they can participate

Come and see – Meet Ups – more towards social activity than a “meeting”

Different age groups – getting them involved (diversity of ages in activities)

How can it be done?

Government class – downtown  for City Hall Day (See how a city functions—city clerk, city administrator, water & sewer plant, EMS, police department, street planning, parks and recreation, etc).  Several adults wanted to attend as well…

Case Studies – give Downtown committee an example(s) and ask for creativity to get it accomplished – for example – street lights.

Academy – through school with focus on community leadership

Allow company (or organization) participation on certain community projects— adopt a mile, the entry sign, Chisholm Trail marker, park, etc.

Limited time commitment for volunteering and or serving.  Let know if volunteer that will be a limit to time they will serve not on committee for rest of life.


More places to work; Walkable (more connections for pedestrians)

  1. Industrial Park

More promotion for industrial park.  Advertise?

Who’s in actually charge of industrial park?   Is there a definite go to person that will lead the recruitment effort?

Search for Incentive funding


  1. Sidewalks

Improve sidewalks so don’t have to walk in streets.    Make them safe to walk on.  (Research Transportation Enhancement grants at county level and Safe Routes to School funding).

Create a workout area at sports complex .  Locate it adjacent to good sidewalks so can be incorporated with walks and jogging.

Walking paths through sports complex to high school.  Now only an attempt at a recycled pavement path that is not regularly maintained.  Make it usable and user-friendly (possible safe route to school funding).

Committee for fundraising/donations.   Consider one group that you contact rather than having to contact all the different businesses each time there is a need.

Continue to improve downtown appearance (buildings occupied or windows used & dressed up); Mural paint wooden benches & someday the pretty historical lights

Dress up windows of vacant businesses downtown and old  Kabredlo’s location.

Allow chalk art on downtown parking spaces to give color to downtown on occasion.

Consider a cobblestone-like painted crosswalk in the center of downtown business district to give it some charm.

County will be repaving 103rd street thru downtown in the near future—discussed the chance of milling down the 2-3” buildup of pavement that now exists in the curbs.   Some new curb replacement may also have to be addressed at that time and unfortunately that falls back to building owners.

Having ornamental lights downtown and improved sidewalks is still a goal but cost will dictate when and if that happens.  Continue to work on a plan for the total project cost.

Continue to work with Chamber and other organizations that sponsor downtown events to make downtown a fun place to gather.    Continue with Farmer’s Markets next year.

Replace old trash receptacles downtown with pleasing and functional ones

Keep downtown clean and friendly.

Also, there was a brief report by the various committees:  Industrial/Business Park, Communications Committee, Downtown/Retail activities, Housing and Real Estate efforts, and new to the efforts—PowerUps.

Limited discussion was presented about planned park improvements.  After the rain at fall festival, it is fairly obvious improvements are a priority around the playground equipment. Surface materials around the equipment are being reviewed. Kids enjoyed the mud though.



Love Notes to Clearwater comments that were submitted since July Meeting

  • I love that we have opportunity to work together on the future of Clearwater.
  • The efforts of the Communication Committee is making a difference.
  • The Clearwater Cemetery always looks so nice—sure that is very comforting to loved ones.
  • Being a clean and friendly town—not a city.
  • We have great schools and churches!
  • I  love doing my grocery shopping at Mize’s Thriftway–friendly, helpful, and  our neighbors
  • Fall Festival Committee and all the activities.
  • We have a fabulous Historical Museum operated by dedicated stewards of our history.
  • I love to see people out taking strolls around town.
  • I love seeing the little crowds that gather around the “Snow Zone” in the summertime.
  • The Ninnescah River and its proximity to town.
  • Our volunteer EMS and fireman. Also police that are respectful and supportive.The Community/Senior Center is so important.
  • Our library is a gem.
  • It is great to have a doctor, dentist, chiropractor and Pharmacy right here.
  • I love the sense of feeling safe and secure when out a night.
  • Schools and teachers are great.
  • We have a community swimming pool that is a real asset.
  • A small town with family oriented activities.