Clearwater Chamber of Commerce


Commercial Property

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Residential Property

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Rental Property Owners


Phone Number
Preferred Rental Management
-Anita McMillan, Manager
Mimosa Arms Apartments 584-2588
Action Real Estate – Derby 788-3711
Gary Berger 584-6997
Paul Clark 584-2231
Don Lawrenz 584-6258
McMillen Apartments 584-3500
Harold & Joyce Mills 584-2704
Gail Shaffer 584-6739
Kate Cass 584-4321
David Fitzgerald 584-6270
Sunflower Properties
Jerry Falke 545-7367
Barbara Edmundson 524-5100
Carrissa Wells 584-5121
Shirley Palmer-Witt 316-641-8822
Christi Finney 584-2024
Penny Johnson Real Estate 584-6797
Lynn Fleming Real Estate 584-6202
Indian Lakes Leasing- Denise Gray 316-990-7024